Active and UKA Qualified Volunteer Coaches at Club Nights

Swansea Harriers is fortunate to have a large team of volunteer coaches that help week in week out in the club throughout the year and in all weather. Any queries related to coaching should be sent to the clubs coaches coordinator or 078 94 57 35 55.

We take our responsibilities towards the welfare of young people in athletics very seriously and require everyone in athletics who has significant contact with children to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (which has replaced the CRB check). 

All coaches must have an enhanced DBS check (Disclosure & Baring Service) and have a valid British Athletics Coaching License to coach at the club in club sessions. Licenses are valid for a 3 year period and the enhanced DBS check must be renewed to have the license validated.

The clubs DBS verifiers are; Andrew Jenkins 078 94 57 35 55 or Ian Griffiths 077 72 11 19 89 or Lynne Brier 077 69 94 16 10

The below steps will show you how to logon to the portal and apply for a DBS.
1. Log onto your athletics members portal by clicking here. If this is the first time you are applying for a coaches or officials licence, you would have had an account created for you when you applied to attend a course. There are links provided if you have forgotten your username or password or if you have not been provided with one.
2. Once you have logged in you will see your personal details section. At the bottom of the first section shows the current status of your DBS. Red wording will show that your licence has expired or that you do not have one. Amber wording will show that your DBS is soon to expire. Green wording will show that your DBS is up-to-date and that you need not do anything.
3. Click on the appropriate link to update your DBS. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. You will need to provide three forms of identification to the person you chose as your verifier. The online process will state who you can use as a verifier and suggest verifiers local to you. You can click here to see what identification you can use.
5. Applicants who completed an online DBS application will still receive a DBS certificate. If no information is found, you need not send the certificate to the UKA Welfare team.
6. When UKA have received electronic applications of your DBS certificate, your licence will be produced and sent out.

Applicants who do not wish to use the online application process, you can still email in the traditional manner to request a paper application.




Coaches Name (Qualification) Events Coached:

Alan Rees (UKA Coach) Juniors & Endurance
Andrew Griffiths: (UKA Coach) Hurdles & Juniors.
Andrew Jenkins: (UKA Coach) Juniors.
Anthony Clements: (UKA CIRF Coach & Coaching Assistant) Juniors & Endurance
Barrie Owen : (UKA Coach) Sprints & Hurdles
Caroline Wade (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Catherine Collins (UKA Coach): Juniors
Christopher Davies (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Colin Davies: (UKA Coach) Sprints.
Craig Guite (UKA Coach) Pole Vault & Juniors
Daniel Newton (UKA Coach LIRF) Seniors Endurance
Dave Lewis (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
David Dix: (UKA Coach) Juniors & Jumps & Throws
David Williams (UKA Coach) Sprints
Dean Packer: (UKA Coach) Juniors & High Jump.
Emily Marchant (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
George Edwards: (BAF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Helen-Marie Davies (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Ian Bowles: (UKA Coach) Throws, Jumps & Track
Imelda Morrisson (UKA Coach) Juniors & Horizontal Jumps
James Harwood: (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors & Sprints
Jane Hosgood: (UKA Coach) Juniors and Pole Vault.
Jeff Squire: (UKA Coach) Throws Javelin.
John Griffiths: (UKA Coach) Juniors Endurance.
Judith Gooding: (UKA Coach) Hurdles, Sprints & Long Jump Seniors.
Kevin Tobin: (UKA Coach) Juniors & Seniors Endurance
Kneath Philippart: (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Lee Cameron (UKA Coach) Throws
Lynne Brier: (UKA Coach) Sprints
Mark Beharrell (UKA Coaching Assistant) Pole Vault
Mark Davies: (UKA Coach) Juniors & Sprints.
Mark Thomas: (UKA Coach) Juniors & Endurance
Neal Merry: (UKA Coach) Sprints.
Paul Flynn (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Peter Roberts:(UKA Coach) Shot, Discus & Hammer.
Rebecca Bennett (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Rebecca Ward (UKA Coach) Juniors
Richard Stratton-Thomas (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors.
Rob Buchan: (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors & Endurance
Rob Jones: (UKA Coach) Sprints & High Jump
Robert Fenwick (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Robin Wood (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors & Horizontal Jumps
Samantha Thomas (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Sarah Bray (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Simon Brewer (UKA LIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Sophie Do Rouys (UKA Coaching Assistant) Juniors
Steve Ingram : (UKA Coach) Long Jump, Triple Jump & Juniors
Steve Ryan: (UKA Coach) High Jump.
Tina Gabb (UKA LIRF Coach) Juniors
Tony Morris: (UKA Coach) Juniors, Hurdles & Long Jump.
Vanessa Harragan (UKA CIRF Coach) Seniors Endurance
Wendy Slade (UKA Coach) Sprints
Wynford Leyshon: (UKA Coach) Sprints & Hurdles.
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