Coronavirus (COVID19) Updated Please Read In Full

As we are concerned and all aware that the situation around COVID 19 has escalated rapidly, our volunteers and athletes’ health & well being is of paramount importance to the club and takes priority over all other considerations. The Club Trustees met this afternoon (15th March) to consider our response to the current situation, recognising that advice and guidance is changing almost daily.
It has been decided that all indoor training at the university will be suspended until further notice given the high number of athletes and coaches using this confined space at any one time, especially as the outdoor track will also not be available to the club this week during its annual deep clean. There will therefore be no Club training at the University facilities from Monday 16th March through to Sunday 22nd March inclusive. The Club cafe will also be closed during this period.
We will consider our position from next weekend when the outdoor track again becomes available, in what is an ongoing changing situation. We expect that all Club members will be responsible and adhere to this decision as a means of safeguarding the health and well being of all our members, their families and communities.
It is also very regrettable to announce that 
a) The Club’s Awards Evening on March 28th will be postponed and we will be looking to reschedule in October 2020. All those who have already paid to attend the Awards evening will have their money refunded in full.
b) The Club’s Open Meeting to be held on 29th March will also be postponed and we will try to reschedule in September subject to how the fixture calendar is looking at this time. Again, all those who have already entered will have their money refunded in full.
The Club is determined to play its part in reducing the impact of this virus and in protecting the most vulnerable members of our club and communities. Further weekly updates will be posted on the website as the situation changes and please monitor any further guidance and advice on the Welsh Athletics, NHS & Swansea University websites.
The annual fixtures page is continuingly being updated with event cancellations and postponements as and when information becomes available.
In the meantime, please take great care, look after yourselves and families.
Our best wishes from the club trustees to you all.