Final Entry List, Final Timetable & Athlete Information West Wales Indoor Championships Sat 12th & Sun 13th January

Please find on the image the final timetable for the West Wales Indoor Championships at Swansea University, SA2 9AU over the weekend of 12th & 13th January.
Ensure you treble check carefully your new event times as there have been several changes to the provisional timetable, to adjust to the number of entries in each age group and event, especially on the field events.
Athlete Information:
Ensure you report to register and collect your numbers no later than 30 minutes before your first event.
Athletes must wear club, school, regional or national vests.
Medals to the top three in each age group and event.
Maximum 6 competitors in each 60m sprint race.
Maximum 4 competitors in each 60m hurdles race.
Track Finals will be run at heat times if there are not enough competitors for heats.
In the U17, U20 & Senior age groups qualification for track FINALS will be heat winners plus the appropriate number of “fastest losers".
In the U11, U13 & U15 age groups qualification for track FINALS will be the fastest 6 times in 60m and the fastest 4 times in 60m hurdles.
In all track events numbers must be worn front and back securely fastened by safety pins.
Shot, Long Jump and Triple Jump have a maximum of three trials.
Track event athletes must be in the warm up area no later than 10 minutes before their events are due to start. Competitors will be escorted by an official from the warm up area to the start line for track events.
We have plenty of qualified officials, however we are still very short of volunteers to help in the following areas to support them:
Registration & Results – handing out numbers and pins, reading out results for Nathan to type up and posting results on the notice board, in particular for track events to see who has progressed to finals.
Photo Finish – assisting typing the numbers of athletes into the relevant lanes so they are credited with the correct time and holding down the big red button as athletes cross the line to the equipment record an image of their finish positions.
Café – serving teas and coffees to the volunteers, spectators and athletes.
Call bench – walking athletes to the start line from the warm up area for their heats/finals on the track events.
Field events duties – helping rake sand pits, replacing pole vault/high jump cross bars and collecting shot puts.
If you are willing to help out on either day please email