Round 3 of 3 U11 & U13 Triangular Series Wednesday 13th June @ Swansea

The third and final round of the U11 & U13 triangular series is at home in Swansea on Wednesday 13th June, where our teams are up against the Neath and Llanelli clubs. This is fantastic initiative for our juniors with athletes of all abilities taking part. The team are doing well at the top of teh league table to date. Print a timetable of events here 13.06.18 Llanelli V Neath V Swansea U11 & U13 Triangular Series @ Swansea.pdf
You don't need to be selected by your team manager for this match, as there is no restriction on the number of competitors. It is the responsibility of each individual athlete to enter by turning up on the day at least 30 minutes before your first chosen event(s).
The two fastest/furthest/highest from each club in each event will be ranked and awarded points (six points for the 1st ranked down to one point for the 6th ranked). There will be an entry fee of £3 per athlete, payable at registration. Athletes can compete in a maximum of 3 individual events plus a relay.
Team Managers:
U11G (School Year 5) Anthony Quick or 074 77 65 79 58.
U11B (School Year 5) Wendy Slade or 079 22 16 45 62
U13 Boys (School years 6 & 7) Jason Dodd 079 68 16 30 46 and Tom De Vall 078 18 03 69 61 or
U13 Girls (School years 6 & 7) Catherine Collins 079 03 13 77 54 or
We are obligated to provide track judges, timekeepers and field judges as part of the league rules. If anyone is willing and available to give us a hand, please get in touch with our club officials secretary Emma Spacey on 079 84 62 85 62 or or meeting organiser Andrew Jenkins on 078 94 57 35 55 or