Club cafe closure & cross country team managers & second hand spikes

We have three updates for you outlined below; 1. Club cafe closure for Indoor & Outdoor Track bookings during September 2. Cross Country & Road team managers and 3. Second hand running spikes donations.

Indoor & Outdoor Track Bookings During September Only:

The club cafe is now closed until Monday 4th October when most groups resume training due to shutting down for September for the end of the track & field season. This also gives an opportunity for our very hard working volunteers to have a much deserved break & rest after a challenging year keeping the club running 4 nights a week.

The club understand that not all coaches season breaks are in sink. Don’t worry you and your athletes will still be able to access both the indoor and outdoor tracks on club nights during this “down time” by signing up and booking through the university online booking system instructions via the links below. All athletes (or parents on behalf of junior athletes) will be required to book and pay via this system. To do this, you will first need to set up a Pay As You Go (PAYG) membership via this link You will only be required to do this once, and there is no charge for this membership. If you hold an existing membership at the Pool/Sports Centre/Gym, you can jump straight to the booking site (below), as existing member details have been automatically transferred to the new system. Once a PAYG membership is set up, you can then use the following link for all future bookings, but a ‘password reset’ will be required in the first instance

When searching availability, please ensure the ‘SBSP’ site is selected in the ‘What’s on’ drop down menu. On the first visit to the Athletics & Hockey Centre after setting up a new member profile, please report to the Indoor Track office to collect your membership card, or update your staff/student card. Should you experience any difficulties with either the online sign up, or when making bookings, please contact Athletics & Hockey Centre staff at: Email – [email protected] or Tel: 01792 602400 or Mob: 07870 244761. From 4th October contactless payments will resume in the cafe as per the new normal.

2021/22 Cross Country & Road Team Managers:

As the track & field season draws to a close, our attention turns to the off track cross country and road autumn & winter season. As and when event details are discovered these are added to the fixtures page. For cross country leagues and national championships the club has team mangers in place for most teams, however we are still searching to fill the following vacancies U13B, U17W, U20W & U20M if you would be willing and available to manage one or more of these teams please get in touch.

Second Hand Running Spikes:

As well as selling the usual club kit from the cafe, we also have a small stock of second hand spikes for £5 a pair. This fundraising initiative for the club involves people donating their second hand spikes for the club to sell, and for members to obtain running spikes for just a fiver! We only have about 6 or 7 pairs in stock at this time, therefore if anyone has any pairs to donate when the cafe reopens in October please do so, but cleaned please!