Ready, Steady Not Yet Update Saturday 11th July

Friday 10th July Welsh Government announcement was an unexpected surprise on the easing on restrictions for outdoor gatherings in a sporting context.

Both indoor and outdoor tracks remain closed to all users for the time being No one is allowed onto the track. The very provisional outdoor track opening date is Monday 3rd August. The track will operate in a much reduced opening hours and users capacity for the month of August. We are not expecting the indoor track to be available for many weeks.

In addition there will be numerous restrictions/adaptations that the club must adhere to when the tracks open outlined here. The regulations are always evolving, therefore we wont release specifics until just before the outdoor track opens, at this time overall specific track user capacity and coaching ratios will be revealed.

Swansea Harriers coaches will have set start and finish times for their sessions inclusive of set up and take down. The overall track capacity users limit to be set by Swansea University inclusive of coaches will filter down to each group, with non negotiable maximum groups sizes. These group sizes will not be released yet, as by 3rd August they will have hopefully grown. We will accommodate all groups/coaches on their usual nights, but coaches most likely will not be able to have their entire squads on track at once for the first few weeks. Our thanks to the senior endurance runners who usually train 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays that have agreed not to hold any sessions on track until September for us, this allows greater flexibility for our sprinters/hurdlers, jumpers and throwers in terms of coaching ratios.

Please continue to be patient the university staff are hard at work, completing risk assessments, ordering hand sanitisers, signage, Perspex screens, creating one way systems and deep cleaning the tracks and more for us.

Please make sure you have renewed your annual membership ready for when training resumes 2020-2021 Membership Application for New Members & Renewals

Additional day time track times before 5pm on Monday to Thursday; Fridays and Saturdays will be available for other users to book direct with the track and for Swansea Harriers coaches that cannot cater for all of their squad on the usual club nights. Again training start and finish times will be set, as ever restrictions are always evolving these times and booking procedures will be released closer to August 3rd and must be pre-booked via the university under construction online booking system or over the phone.