Swansea Harriers Extraordinary General Meeting 3 March 2022 8pm via Video Conferencing

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of Swansea Harriers has been called by the Trustees for Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 8pm to be held by video conferencing. The EGM will consider proposals to make two amendments to the current membership fees. Those club members wanting to attend should confirm with the club secretary Tony Clements via email at [email protected] no later than Wednesday 2nd March with their email address they wish to use for the zoom meeting invitation.

Welsh Athletics are enabling all affiliated clubs to access the UK wide online membership payment system from 1 April 2022, in readiness for the renewal of memberships for the forthcoming year. This will make paying membership much easier for members and will eliminate to need to print off a membership form and post or hand in the completed form with the payment.

The system, however, will only allow two payment options and as the club currently provides four options, amendments will need to be made. It is proposed that the current senior ( 20 years old and over ) and junior membership ( school year 5 to 19 years old) will remain. The agreed rates of £40 for seniors and £35 for juniors will continue to apply for 2022-23. This will mean that the student membership (currently £35) option will be deleted, with students 20 years and over paying the senior rate and students 19 years and under the junior rate.

The system is also unable to accommodate the current arrangement of families with three or more members having £5 reduced from each membership. All family members will have to pay the full online rate for each family member. The club, however, will directly compensate these families by making them a payment equal to what would have been the discounted rate ie for a family with three members a payment of £15.

Members are therefore asked to support the proposal to:
Have only a Senior (20 years and over) membership and a junior (school year 5 to 19 years old) membership. The rates for 2022-23 for seniors will be £40 and juniors £35. These rates are inclusive of the Welsh Athletics affiliation fee. Families with three or more members will have a £5 discount for each member once the online payment has been made.