Swansea Harriers Seniors Off Track Summer League has now concluded

The Swansea Harriers Off Track Summer League for members has now concluded. Each month from May through to the end of September (including 1st October too), participation in key races were scored using age graded points in a league table. These range from 3k/5k/10k and HM, not forgetting training points and a monthly park run takeover. The event was open to members of Swansea Harriers who intend taking part in the fixtures identified in the links. Congratulations to our winners of this year’s summer league. Our runaway women’s winner Tori Barry has trained hard, raced hard and battled with injury. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

1. Tori Barry
2. Sioned Howells
3. Luticia Thomas

In the Men’s it was tight to the end, but a well-deserved victory for Sam Joseph, with some superb runs this year and commitment. Steve maintained the pressure on right to the end, and well done for maintaining progress through recovery from injury.

The evergreen Alan Davies has set some superb times this year, including a world-record time for his age at 5k -V70 ( as yet un-ratified). His 18:17 chip time beat Ed Whitlock’s 18:21 set in 2004.

All signs are he’s transitioning well to XC too for the Winter. Congratulations again to all those Men who took part.

1. Sam Joseph
2. Steven Taylor
3. Alan Davies

Lovely to see a spread of good results from masters and seniors alike in the top 10s. For the final positions for all seniors / masters who competed this year, please click here. Thanks for all your support this season – the Winter league has already begun! There are points and age-graded results for all XCs and a Parkrun takeover each month.