Results Round Up

This week we have results to round up for you from Derby, Swansea & Greenwich….

The weekend of Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd August were the British Masters Championships held at Derby, the club had just the two entrants this year with M75 Ian Bowles coming away with four medals: Discus GOLD 26.35m, SILVER Weight Throw 9.92m, Hammer SILVER 24.15m and Shot BRONZE 6.85m; M65 Chris Pruski Javelin SILVER in 31.45m, he also threw a shot of 8.04m for 8th, well done both! You can see Ian and Chris plus all our other super star masters in action, which includes several of our coaches and team managers, practicing what they preach at home in Swansea for the Welsh Masters Championships on Sunday 26th September!


Saturday 21st August was the Welsh Athletics U11, U13 & U15 Run Jump Throw Triathlon at home in Swansea. After a wet start the weather improved and a great days athletics was held. In the U15G there was a win for Matilda Quick amassing 1943 points courtesy of a 12.07 75m Hurdles, 1.55m High Jump & 11.05m Shot, Bethan Holley had a great day to placing 3rd with 1487 points from a 12.90 75m Hurdles, 1.40m High Jump & 7.97m Shot, they were followed home by 6th Efa Williams 1105 points 14.04 75m Hurdles, 1.20m High Jump & 6.79m Shot; 8th Jemimah Brown 15.51 75m Hurdles, 1.15m High Jump & 4.95m Shot and 10th Natalie Coughlan 675 points 17.12 75m Hurdles, 1.05m High Jump & 5.57m Shot.

U15B saw Harry Collins record a total of 1244 points for 4th despite being injured during the high jump with a 12.99 80m Hurdles, 7.86m Shot & 1.35m High Jump; 5th Reuben De Vall 1123 points from a 13.55 80m Hurdles; 6.15m Shot & 1.40m High Jump and Dylan Curr 512 points from a 34.27 80m Hurdles, 6.23m Shot & 1.30m High Jump.

U13G our top five scorers were; 8th Eva Carver 952 points from a 7.18m Shot, 3.89m Long Jump & 16.05 100m; 10th Eve Evans 938 points from a 6.19m Shot, 3.53 Long Jump & 15.06 100m; 11th Martha Caldwell on 931 points with a 4.77m Shot, 3.58m Long Jump & 14.55 100m; 12th Imogen McAdie 6.05m Shot, 3.71m Long Jump & 15.60 100m and 14th Millie Pierce 5.16m Shot, 3.78m Long Jump & 15.46 100m.

U13B our top five were; 3rd Harry Morris 777 points with a 3.91m Long Jump, 5.82m Shot & 13.75 100m; 4th Seth Amas with a 3.24m Long Jump, 7.49m Shot & 14.16 100m; 5th Jack Edwards 3.89m Long Jump 5.17m Shot & 14.16 100m; 6th Henry Payne 3.73m Long Jump, 5.12m Shot & 14.08 100m and 7th Sean Strevens 3.71m Long Jump, 6.42m Shot & 14.83 100m.

U11G saw a great win for Taylor Shelmerdine amassing 680 points with a 4.97m Shot, 3.61m Long Jump & 11.11 75m, making up out top five U11G were; 4th Ella Drew 490 points with a 4.04m Shot, 3.19m Long Jump & 12.09 75m; 5th Rutendo Chasweka 449 points with a 4.26m Shot, 2.77 Long Jump & 11.77 75m; 6th Freya Birt 432 points with a 4.51m Shot, 2.92m Long Jump & 12.87 75m and 9th Alice Caldwell 370 points with a 3.73m Shot, 2.96m Long Jump & 12.86 75m.

U11B Roman Jackson was our top scorer with 380 points from a 2.54m Long Jump, 5.10m Shot & 12.59 75m; 7th Thomas Davies on 317 points with a 3.55m Long Jump, 4.63m Shot & 11.75 75m; 8th Dylan Giles 294 points with a 2.55 Long Jump, 4.43m Shot & 13.50 75m and 9th Rocco Serpa 272 points with a 3.28m Long Jump, 4.52m Shot & 12.03 75m.

Sunday 22nd August was the Vitality Big Half Marathon in Greenwich, London where SM Joshua Griffiths had a great run to finish 12th in 65:11 and SW Verity Ockenden set a lifetime best of 74:35 to place 6th in the Womens race, also running was SM Drew Bartle setting a lifetime best too of 83:48, congratulations to all three!