Results Round Up

After a busy weekend of athletics we have results to round up for you from Stockport, Swansea, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Seville SPAIN & Barcelona SPAIN.

Back on Sunday 29th January one of our Hall Of Fame former Commonwealth Games athletes Elinor Kirk runs 37.16 in the Stockport 10km, well done Elinor!

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February were the West Wales Indoor Championships at Swansea, having had a half term date put upon the organisers entries were down on the usual 200+ nevertheless a great weekends championships was held and it was superb to see U11 included once again. Our thanks to all the volunteers who made the weekend possible, all the athletes appreciate your support. Highlights included medal winning performances set by:

GOLD: SM Kelvin Tannor (7.03) 60m; U20M Marek Warzocha (7.42) 60m; U17M Evan Morris (7.31) 60m; U15B Henry Payne (7.93) 60m; U11B Harrisson Davies (9.70) 60m; SW Lauryn Davey (8.00) 60m & (9.23) 60m Hurdles & (5.35m) Long Jump; U13G Rutendo Chasweka (8.65) 60m & (10.14) 60m Hurdles & (4.00m) Long Jump; U11G Poppy Brannigan (9.84) 60m & (3.39m) Long Jump; SM Jack Houghton (8.96) 60m Hurdles; U20M Evan Cole (8.76) 60m Hurdles & (5.76m) Long Jump; U17M Reuben De Vall (9.29) 60m Hurdles; U15B Callum Hedges (10.43) 60m Hurdles & (1.43m ) High Jump; U13B Zachary De Vall (12.70) 60m Hurdles; U20W Megan Gwyther (10.03) 60m Hurdles; U17W Matilda Quick (9.17) 60m Hurdles & (1.60m) High Jump & (11.54m) Shot; U15G Mandida Rushesha (1.49m) High Jump; U20M Samuel Davies (1.90m) High Jump; U13G Olivia Kenna (1.26m) High Jump; U13B Joseph Newton (1.86m) Pole Vault; SM Ieuan Hosgood (4.26m) Pole Vault; U20M Harry Newton (3.66m) Pole Vault; U17M Charlie Shuall (3.66m) Pole Vault; U20W Millie Carter (3.26m) Pole Vault; U17W Amy Beynon (2.86m) Pole Vault; U15B Matthew Hines (4.29m) Long Jump; U11B Max Burton (3.13m) Long Jump & (5.36m) Shot; U17W Bethan Holley (5.00m) Long Jump & (10.04m) Triple Jump; U17M Evan Lewis (9.56m) Triple Jump; U13B Jacob Davies (5.95m) Shot; U13G Millie Jayham (6.24m) Shot and U11G Eva Bezodis (5.75m) Shot.

SILVER: U20M Jacob Evans (7.69) 60m; U11B Thomas Morgan (10.09) 60m; SW Sian Vico (8.04) 60m; U17M Harry Collins (9.47) 60m Hurdles & (5.45m) Long Jump; U15B Matthew Hines (10.98) 60m Hurdles; U13B Nicole Jiga-Boy (12.77) 60m Hurdles; U13G Millie Jayham (10.63) 60m Hurdles; U20M Evan Cole (1.80m) High Jump; U17W Bethan Holley (1.50m) High Jump; U13G Louisa Rabaiotti (1.18m) High Jump; U15G Alice Prosser (2.21m) Pole Vault; U13G Georgie-Bo Davies (2.06m) Pole Vault; U15B Jeston Allen (2.06m) Pole Vault; U13G Freya Birt (1.66m) Pole Vault; U13B Elliott Lloyd (1.66m) Pole Vault & (4.00m) Shot; U17M Louis Shuall (3.36m) Pole Vault; U20M Joseff Lewis (2.86m) Pole Vault; U17W Seren Anderson-James (2.46m) Pole Vault; U20W Rebekah Pratt (2.36m) Pole Vault & (6.55m) Shot; U20M Sion Davies (5.39m) Long Jump; U17M Evan Lewis (4.38m) Long Jump; U15B Callum Hedges (4.18m) Long Jump; U11B Elias Boat (2.86m) Long Jump; U17W Sophie Taylor (4.79m) Long Jump; U13G Somiochi Emenogu (3.81m) Long Jump; U11G Lily Shubin (3.31m) Long Jump; SW Catherine Collins (6.68m) Shot; U17W Rebekah Saunders (7.80m) Shot; U15G Lauren Oshisanya (8.58m) Shot; U13G Mia Noonan-Croft (6.17m) Shot; U11B Dhruv Mummigatti (4.59m) Shot and U11G Ruby Underwood (4.59m) Shot.

BRONZE: SM Daniel Knuckle (7.31) 60m; U17M Jenson Morris (7.45) 60m; U15B Ashton Ciaburri (8.18) 60m; U11B Max Burton (10.19) 60m; U17W Pheobe Holt (8.72) 60m; U13G Freya Birt (9.09) 60m & (10.74) 60m Hurdles & (3.59m) Long Jump; U11G Lily Shubin (9.88) 60m; U13B Jakub Hacche (13.02) 60m Hurdles; U20W Emily Collins (11.76) 60m Hurdles & (6.30m) Shot; U17W Rebekah Saunders (10.24) 60m Hurdles; U15G Mandida Rushesha (10.90) 60m Hurdles; U17M Ioan Ng (1.60m) High Jump; U15B Alfie Philpott (1.86m) Pole Vault; U13G Luisa Rabaiotti (1.66m) Pole Vault; U13B Jack Jones (1.26m) Pole Vault; U17M Oliver Philpott (3.26m) Pole Vault; U17W Jemimah Brown (1.96m) Pole Vault; U20M Marek Warzocha (5.05m) Long Jump; U15B Alfie Philpott (3.38m) Long Jump; U13B Nicolae Jiga-Boy (3.07m) Long Jump; U11B Thomas Morgan (2.76m) Long Jump; U17W Matilda Quick (4.62m) Long Jump; U11G Ruby Underwood (3.10m) Long Jump; U17W Efa Williams (7.80m) Shot; U15G Nia Wakley (7.18m) Shot; U13G Somiochi Emenogu (6.10m) Shot; U11G Poppy Brannigan (4.56m) Shot and U11B Harrisson Davies (4.22m) Shot.

Well done again to everyone who participated, click here for the full results.

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February were the senior UK Indoor Championships at Birmingham where the very best of UK talent was participating, including a two Swansea Harriers, Joseph & Hannah Brier. Hannah Brier had a superb day progressing to the 200m final where she won a SILVER medal in a time of 23.60!! Her brother Joseph Brier also went all the way to the final of the 400m placing 5th in another fast time of 47.92! Well done both on such amazing performances!

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February were the British Masters Indoor Championships held at Sheffield where we had four of our top masters in action: M65 Roderick Davies finished 6th in his 60m (9.36), 2nd in his 200m heat (30.36) and won a BRONZE medal in the Long Jump with a best of  3.93m; M65 Chris Pruski finished 8th in the 60m (10.07) and 6th in the Shot (7.56m), M55 Paul Flynn placed 7th in the 1500m in 5.11.97 and W75 Daphne Marler came home with three medals, 60m SILVER 15.84, Long Jump (1.57m) GOLD and Triple Jump GOLD (4.04m), very well done to all four!

Sunday 19th February SM Joshua Griffiths had a great run to win the Les Croupiers 10 Mile Road Race at Cardiff in an impressive time of 50.37 a full five minuities ahead of the next finisher and 20 minuities ahead of his mum SW Sharon Leech 69.27 who was the 4th Women to finish overall, well done both!

Sunday 19th February SM Kristian Jones made his debut over the Marathon is Seville, SPAIN where he finished in 69th overall in an excellent time of 2.17.51, congratulations Kristian!

Sunday 19th February SM Geraint Williams runs a 72.36 personal best in the Barcelona SPAIN Half Marathon finishing in 223rd place, well done Geraint!