Welsh U11 U13 & U15 League @ Swansea Sunday 17th July


This Sunday 17th July meeting has been cancelled this is due to the extreme high temperatures that have been forecast for tomorrow. The club had to take into account the safety of all those involved, which would include athletes, officials and spectators, and what the exposure to extreme heat could have caused despite taking all the necessary precautions. We apologies for taking this course of action and any inconvenience this causes, no doubt many will be disappointed but the club had err side on the side of caution.

Sunday 17th July see the U11 U13 & U15 Welsh League come to our home track at Swansea V Neath, V Llanelli V Carmarthen V Pembrokeshire V Bridgend. First and foremost after the postponement of round 1 due to lack of appropriately qualified UK Athletics officials, it is vital that all six clubs including ourselves provide their full quota of officials so the event can go ahead: Member clubs must provide a minimum of 6 club officials: FOUR field officials, at least one of which must be Level 2 or above and ONE track judge and ONE timekeeper. If you are willing and available to help please contact our officials secretary Emma at [email protected] We will also need plenty of mums, dads, grandmas and grandads to help in the club cafe, on results and backing up the qualified officials timekeeping, track judging and field judging please, if you can help us out get in touch via Emma or your team manager.

Team composition:

When the team managers are sorting out their teams, where they are limited to selecting 4 athletes per event and age group, they must also adhere to the new format outlined below of how many events athletes can do:

No athlete will compete in more than THREE individual events and a relay in one meeting.
i. Under 11 athletes must compete in at least one track (not including relay) and one field event
ii. Under 13 athletes must compete in at least one track (not including relay), and one field event
iii. Under 15 athletes do not have to compete in at least one field and one track event but are permitted to compete in only one distance event from 800m, 1500m if selected.

If you would like to be considered for selection please contact your team manager below:

U11 Boys (School year 5) Patrick Hacche [email protected] or 079 84 83 35 03

U11 Girls (School year 5) Emily Collins [email protected] or 075 47 41 70 49

U13 Boys (School years 6 & 7) Nicola Strevens [email protected] or 078 99 86 38 64

U13 Girls (School years 6 & 7) Anthony Quick [email protected] or 074 77 65 79 58

U15 Boys (School years 8 & 9) Jo Wood [email protected] or 079 89 26 83 61

U15 Girls (School years 8 & 9) Catherine Collins [email protected] or 079 03 13 77 54

If selected please report to your team manager on the day no later than one hour before your first event and pay your £3 entry fee to them.